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Venetian Interiors London are specialists in the installation of high-end polish plaster finishes. Whilst polished plaster techniques have evolved, our skilled installers ensure that our work remains true to the principles of original Italian plaster finishes.

The history of Italian polished plaster dates back over 2,000 years with depictions of colourful, polished plasterwork appearing in the Discourses of Vitruvius. Vitruvius is widely acknowledged to have been one of the greatest architects of ancient Rome. The application of polished Italian plaster has been refined and perfected since Vitruvius’s time but the principles of colour, texture and quality of finish have remained.

The combination of both quality of product and quality of finish give polished plaster from Venetian Interiors London its distinctive look and hardness. One of the earliest types of Italian polished plaster was Marmorino Stucco, this has more recently become more commonly known as Venetian plaster. Marmorino Stucco was widely used during the renaissance period for finishing both internal and external walls and dominated much decorative architecture at the time.

Marmorino (or Venetian plaster) remains popular to this day, partially thanks to its versatility. In the hands of Venetian Interiors’ experienced team, a wide range of finishes can be achieved. From a marblised, burred effect to a, more classic, lightly polished finish, with skilled application this versatile polished plaster can provide a wide range of aesthetic finishes to match your interior/exterior décor.

Venetian plaster and all its variations typically comprise of the same composition. The use of high quality slaked lime and marble dust allows for the creation of finishes ranging from highly-polished to rugged, textured plasters. Our quality Venetian plaster is free from synthetic materials, using a natural lime base which allows it to be used on both walls and ceilings. Venetian plaster from Venetian Interiors London can be supplied and applied in any colour to match your design plan of existing décor. Our endless range of colours is available for all Venetian finishes thanks to our upto date RAL colouring system.

We can match any Polished Plaster sample which includes any colour. We have an upto date RAL Colouring system meaning that our colour range is endless for all Venetian Finishes. Get in touch with Venetian Interiors London today to discuss your latest construction or development projects and you polished plaster requirements.

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